December 3rd 2012 our whole world changed, we were given one of the hardest challenges in life, our daughter Lizzy that was 4 at the time was diagnosed with cancer "luekemia" every parents nightmare. Lizzy became sick "swelling, no energy, and so much more in November 2012, we took her to the doctor 3 different times to only be told she had mono (VERY rare for the age) well the 3rd time to the doctor (yes kept calling because she was only getting worse) crying in pain at night, not sleeping and throwing up every night at midnight.

We get to the doctors and our doctor comes in and says yes she doesn't look good I'm going to go call for testing at primary children's hospital.. well about 2 seconds after he walked out he came back in and said "they always say when a doctor walks into the room and sees a patient and feels something isn't good to send them to the er, well you need to go now!" It scared me but I didn't believe or think of anything as I didn't want to believe it could be what I was thinking.

We get to primary children's er and they do testing on her and say yes some of her levels are off but we're going to check you into a room, but.. don't be alarmed as patients on the floor may worry you.. well we were sent to the cancer floor and checked into a room by the desk..

We had just recently had our last baby "jack" he was just 5/6 months old so I had to be home with jack and our oldest daughter jasmine so I didn't get to be there much but I tried, anyways 2 days later after testing I will never forget I was home on the computer and my phone rang and it was my husband and said the doctor is here and wants us to both be together how we can so he puts me on speaker and she tells us the testing came back and Lizzy has cancer and that 95% of her white blood cells were cancer so if she didn't get mono we wouldn't have known, it is what brought her cancer out. 😰LOTS of tears, shaking and I said what, are you sure? How long? Will she lose her hair?

It'll be 2.5 years chemo and yes she will lose her hair and I said oh no she loves her hair so much! How soon... she said within just a month or less.. after I get off the phone I called my sister in law and said I need you to come to my house now please! I rushed to the hospital and was able to spend time there and wow I was sad, speechless and just wanted to hold our baby and my husband..

It All began There, lots of chemo (she was so sick) test, x rays, ultra sounds etc.. month in she got diabetes (normal for this) she had it for only 1 month.. I didn't know what to do, my family wasn't together everyday all day, one of us was always with Liz all day and night we never left her. 2 weeks before she got to come home, she was swollen, steroids huge dose, swelled so much I had to buy all new clothes and return Christmas outfits.. I was so blessed to have her home again, we still sat there like is this real? Our baby has to go through this? Will she be ok?

The one thing I said was if we're going to be able to do this we need to make this a part of our life just a new journey and act as it is ok and do what we need so she doesn't feel different and we did just that.

It was one hard journey but she did it! She is now 2 years clean! She was one incredible fighter and I feel so lucky to know our baby made it..

Well that is where home 2 Home Boutique began. I am not one to ever have had a hobby and I don't know what drove me to this but when we moved to our new home I sold pieces I didn't want anymore on Facebook pages and people loved it, sold stuff fast and really met incredible people along the way so I began buying and selling pieces and we ended up first starting a cute set up in a room in our basement and it got bigger then I made a page.. "Home 2 Home Boutique" it was like my home to your home.

We then rented a cute cabin house by us and sold pieces, it was an experience and fun! My brother worked with us, we then had a guy whom then began painting some pieces for customers because people began to ask. Well they weren't satisfied and the guy wouldn't ever be available, didn't correct it and I was tired of telling the customers about the lack of communication and seeing them unhappy so I began painting, lol yes my brother and I were on it, he spray painted decor pieces and I did hand painting and it all began.. I fell in LOVE it was relaxing, kept my mind busy and there it was, I started painting pieces and they sold fast then some custom orders came in and it just started to bloom! We left the cabin and only did furniture and I just kept working at it as it kept me busy. I never expected it to be what it is today and feel so blessed to have so many people love our work, support us and so much more because it means more the words can say.

I work so hard, our team works so hard. There is so many plans and goals I have and I am determined to get there.. your support, believing in us and letting us take on a beautiful piece and customize it how you want and even purchase pieces we have is so amazing, I love seeing the transformations and happy customers!

I can say we're different, I really value our customers and only want you to have the very best.. we have had all trial and error and have it perfect!

I am so OCD when it comes to an amazing sand job, cleaning, prepping correctly, custom paint, distressing and an incredible clear coat job for a soft and extremely durable finish!

I love that yes you have a piece you love but need change and bam here is a new piece you couldn't imagine could look that way.

Or even a piece we have watching it transform!

I think the more beat up the better as long as you know the quality is there.. after so long and so many pieces I've seen and purchased I know quality so only buy that.

Having our 3 connected warehouses in salt lake now is incredible and great! Can't wait to get our showroom/store set up! It's coming VERY soon!

Again thank you so much for your love and support, and those of you who have placed orders thank you for your patience with us.. it isn't easy Finding helping hands but can guarantee our work to you..

Thank you so much for reading this long story ❤️

Appreciate you all so much!!

Much love,
Michael, Whitney, our beautiful children and our team at home 2 Home Boutique